Gorgeous aerial footage from Antarctica

I cannot get over the visual storytelling possibilities now afforded to regular people. Teton writes,

This past December and January, Stockholm-based filmmaker Kalle Ljung shot this short while touring Antarctica with his 73-year-old-father. Using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, Kalle captured stunning aerial footage of the surrounding landscape.

These are the days of miracles & wonder…

[Vimeo] [Via Russell Brown]

One thought on “Gorgeous aerial footage from Antarctica

  1. Beautiful drone footage; HOWEVER, author needs to improve his editing chops (transitions, cuts) AND I could certainly do with out Yawn-nee Noo-Age elevator music as a soundtrack. (I had to quit halfway-through I’m afraid.)

    IMHO capturing the footage is only half the process – just as it is with single-frame photography. ‘Post’ is an art in and of itself so either finesse that skill OR collaborate (like folks do in the real film industry do).

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