Photography: Inside an abandoned asylum

It’s a bit heavy on Ye Olde Scary Music & camera moves, but this piece captures some eerie, occasionally beautiful looks into modern ruins:

Project Senium is an effort to preserve the experience of some of the most beautifully disturbing places in the world in a cinematic short film. By bringing tools and experience from the realm of filmmaking, we show the decaying walls of abandoned mental hospitals, expose their dark history, and preserve forever the beauty that few get to witness.

[Vimeo] [Via Alex Powell]

2 thoughts on “Photography: Inside an abandoned asylum

  1. Those places were funded by States trying to care of people with mental illness. The state of the art for caring for people with mental illness was not what it is today with the new drug therapies. The real tragedy is the limited funding for mental health by the States and the Federal government. A video on all the homeless people and how they got there is the “rest of the story”.

  2. An addition in 1864 “alcoholism” was declared a mental illness, and alcoholics were sent to these, in particularly Binghamton Asylum. Most of the movie stars, music stars, and regular people who drank ‘too’ much would be treated the same. Keep up your work- I wish I had the energy to join you to help tell these stories that we as a nation and people should never forget.

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