Walt Mossberg calls Google Photos “best of breed”

A few great quotes from the piece on Re/code:

I consider it the best photo backup-and-sync cloud service I’ve tested — better than the leading competitors from Apple, Amazon, Dropbox and Microsoft.

The coolest aspect of the new Google Photos is that once you click the search button — before you even type anything — the app presents you with groups of pictures organized by three categories: People, Places and Things.

The new Google Photos brings the company’s expertise in artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning to bear on the task of storing, organizing and finding your photos. And that, combined with its cross-platform approach, makes it the best of breed.

[Via Jignashu Parikh]

4 thoughts on “Walt Mossberg calls Google Photos “best of breed”

  1. I’m loving the new Google Photos so far. Is there an efficient way to import all of my photos from Flickr into Google Photos? I’ve looked at things like Migratr (which doesn’t seem to allow me to authenticate with Flickr, and in any case runs on Windows, which isn’t a great deal of use to me), and flickrtoplus.com (which also tries to authenticate using a now obsolete method of authentication rather than OAuth).

    It would be incredible to have an import from other cloud services like Flickr, OneDrive, Dropbox, SmugMug, and so on.

      1. Thanks, John. I was hoping for something that would go directly from Flickr to Google Photos without first downloading all the photos to my local machine and then uploading them again. I can upload all of the photos from my NAS to Google Photos, but it will take a week or more, and it already took me over a week to upload them to Flickr a while back, so I was hoping to do a direct transfer (e.g. via a Flickr API or something, if such a thing exists) rather than another big upload that saturates my upstream connection for a week.

        1. Yeah, I hear you, Daniel—I want that, too!

          FWIW I’d also pay for a way to drop-ship a HD full of my images to my cloud provider so that I don’t have to wait for hundreds of gigs to stream up. I keep looking around Google’s campus in hopes of spotting Drive’s USB or Thunderbolt port. 😉

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