Quick tips for using photos.google.com

  • To upload quickly, drag and drop images & videos into the browser window. It’s additive, so you can keep dragging in multiple batches & the dialog will respond.
  • To select a range of photos quickly, select one, then hold Shift while clicking another.
  • To zoom into an image, click it to open it in the 1up view, then use trackpad scrolling.
  • To navigate quickly, hold down the right (or left) arrow key in 1up; it flies!
  • To exit 1up view (returning to the grid), press Esc.
  • To scroll fast through your whole library, grab/drag the date tooltip (next to the scrollbar).
  • To jump to the top quickly after scrolling far down the photos grid, click any white space in the app bar (the top area that holds the search bar, etc.).
  • To find recently uploaded files, go to the search page, then click the “Recently added” tile.
  • To filter the Collections view, click the “Collections” title, then show just Albums, Movies, or Stories.

Please go, kick the tires, and let us know what other refinements you’d like. (More good stuff is on the way!)

3 thoughts on “Quick tips for using photos.google.com

  1. One thing I’ve been wondering for a few years, since being interested in Picasa, is if there’s a way to import previous album tags, etc. into Google Photos. I have cataloged the past 15 years by hand in Photoshop Album (now Photoshop Elements, I guess), and even though I’m fine letting the app try to organize things going forward, I hate to lose all that past accurate tagging, especially on categories the app wouldn’t necessarily come up with on its own. Any ideas for getting any of that info into the system?
    I’m excited to try it out!

  2. Really enjoying Google Photos. I had already felt that G+ had the best photo experience, and this just makes it better. A few rough edges (dups made from originals + edited, infinite progress bars), but I’m sure it will get better. Thanks for sharing tips!

    Anything you can say about how exif is used/preserved would be great. Also wondering how you can control the ‘date’ of scanned negatives/slides, or if there’s a way for the desktop sync to figure out date based on file system naming.

  3. Hey Jack, there are quite a few people in the Google Photos Help Forum on Google+ talking about hitting “fair use” limits, myself included. We get a good chuck (several thousand) photos uploaded, then can’t upload anymore. While I understand needing to have some level of protection in place, this makes it hard to convert to Google Photos or get full use of the product. Any thoughts? Here’s an example of one of the posts: https://plus.google.com/+BrianHendricks937/posts/8XbmvsNUKFR

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