Adobe to adopt Apple Metal for faster graphics

A neat tidbit from today’s WWDC:

On the graphics side, Apple is bringing its Metal framework to OS X, making graphics rendering 40 percent more efficient. For games, drawing performance can be ten times faster. Game developer Epic showed a Metal-based game it built, called Fortnite, and said its developers saw a 70-percent reduction in CPU use compared to OpenGL.

On the professional production side, Federighi said that Adobe was able to pull an eightfold improvement in After Effects rendering. Adobe is committed to adopting Metal across its OS X apps, he said.

2 thoughts on “Adobe to adopt Apple Metal for faster graphics

  1. This is such timely news! Our company is leaning extremely hard on the design department to adopt Microsoft’s Suface Pro 3 as our new working platform instead of Mac which we’ve been using for the last 20 years. One of the reasons they’re stating for the switch is Adobe’s apparent close collaboration with Mincrosoft in designing the Surface and their implied discontent with Apple. This will go a good long way to allay their apparent concern.

  2. What is not clear in this announcement is what kind of render is accelerated… it could be only one filter, I’m wondering about the overall gains…

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