What if Photoshop’s UI were written in HTML?

And what if they open-sourced the whole thing? And hey, what if it were already sitting on your hard drive right now?

It’s all kind of bananas, but it’s real, and it’s here (albeit in an unfinished form that I find kinda baffling) inside the new Photoshop CC update. Having pushed hard for years to make PS extensible (via Flash/HTML panels, Configurator) so that the UI could be smashed into a million pieces & then reassembled according to individuals’ tasks & needs, I’m really intrigued & eager to see where things go.

Here’s a demo of the current iteration:


One thought on “What if Photoshop’s UI were written in HTML?

  1. Yeah, I agree with you on your thoughts.

    Sometimes I think companies have a habit of over designing things, over thinking things and I am not sure if this falls into that *space* yet… we shall see.

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