Is Photoshop’s “Save for Web” going away?

And will designers therefore finally stop making The Claw?

Not at the moment, according to Photoshop PM Stephen Nielson, but it’s quite old and is being superseded. Stephen writes,

The new Export As workflows are a complete redesign of how you export assets out of Photoshop. Export As has new capabilities like adding padding to an image and exporting shapes and paths to SVG. We also introduced the Quick Export option, which allows you to export an entire document or selected layers very quickly with no dialog.

Check out the post for a full (but brief) FAQ.

Semi-related: Developer Marc Edwards has for years been providing terrifically detailed Photoshop tips & tricks for screen/UI designers, and now he’s covered Photoshop CC 2015 improvements in concise detail.

3 thoughts on “Is Photoshop’s “Save for Web” going away?

  1. BTW, folks wishing to use Generator to exports assets from existing PS documents may find the Generator Layer Names Panel useful. This lets you select a set of layers in your document and rename them to add the appropriate image suffix (.png, .jpg, etc) as well as a few other simple options in just a few clicks.

  2. Ha Ha! I feel pretty bad for anyone who feels that strongly about the shortcut but never bothered to change it under “Keyboard Shortcuts”. Really, so easy…

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