Help bring educational posters to design students

To connect non-profits & design students, teacher & Olympian Kevin McMahon has started the very cool Art Heroes:

Art Heroes provides nonprofit causes with free, high-quality design work. We accomplish this goal through a global community of over 500 design educators and students. As a result, good causes save precious funds and design students build portfolios with real-world clients. (Yep, we think its pretty cool, too.)

Still in our first year, Art Heroes has already completed 70 nonprofit design jobs – helping environmental, educational and social causes to better communicate their important messages and saving them well over $100,000.

Now they’d like to bring educational posters to design programs in need:

These peer-reviewed, unparalleled art education posters took 5 months to develop and cover over 80 essential Art and Design concepts. As a result, they will benefit not only the 100 high school and college educators who have already expressed interest – but also the thousands of students who will view them for years to come.

I’m off to kick ‘em some tax-deductible bucks.


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