24 Hours of Le Mans in Stop-Motion

Camden Thrasher (name FTW!!) took a novel approach to capturing this year’s race. PetaPixel writes,

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the racing world’s oldest, most famous, and most grueling races. Racing photographer Camden Thrasher covered the 2015 race last month and shot over 1,000 photos over the course of the day. Afterward, he took 1,158 of the photos he shot and turned them into this stop-motion video for Audi.

Some of the more stroboscopic results are a big GIFfy for my liking, but the slow-shutter sequences look terrific:


3 thoughts on “24 Hours of Le Mans in Stop-Motion

  1. John – Thanks for the video. As a die hard racing fan (and race official) and photographer, this assembly of individual photos into a video was stunning, especially since it was Le Mans and that it covered all 24 hours. It was truly a pleasure to watch.

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