“Camera Restricta” prevents shooting unoriginal photos

Got a case of vemödalen (“the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist”)? Or perhaps you’ve just wanted a camera that sounds like a Geiger counter while blurting “NEIN” at you in big red letters?

Philipp Schmitt’s Camera Restricta concept wants to help. PetaPixel explains,

“Camera Restricta introduces new limitations to prevent an overflow of digital imagery,” he says. “As a byproduct, these limitations also bring about new sensations like the thrill of being the first or last person to photograph a certain place.”


2 thoughts on ““Camera Restricta” prevents shooting unoriginal photos

  1. This is typical of the modern hypocrites. They want to remove normal people’s satisfactions and restrict it to themselves. Typical of the so-called liberals (marxists).

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