Quick demo: iPad Pro stylus vs. Wacom Cintiq

Performance of drawing in Photoshop seems almost too good to be true—but longtime Mac graphics developer Gus Mueller says, “It’s GD Amazing.” [Update: I feel dumb for not having noticed that the laggy Cintiq demo uses a 2013 MacBook Air while the performant iPad demo uses a 2014 MacBook Pro. That’s hardly apples-to-apples.]


3 thoughts on “Quick demo: iPad Pro stylus vs. Wacom Cintiq

  1. So, they are comparing a MacBook AIR with an a MacBook PRO. What are they comparing, really? I think the MacBook Air is to blame more than the Cintiq in the first example.

      1. In all fairness: the AIR / PRO thing is the first two comparisons, not the iPad itself. But still, it makes me wonder how comparable they really are.

        Also, the photoshop “LAG” could be due to brush settings like spacing.

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