Google Maps for iOS adds 3D touch, saves me tons of time

God is in the details, man, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this little tweak. Press hard to get one-touch directions to home & work.

Update: If the shortcuts aren’t working for you, check out this quick help doc.

Maps 3D Touch

5 thoughts on “Google Maps for iOS adds 3D touch, saves me tons of time

  1. Finally after all these years I can get to work or home without getting lost. It’s so hard you know, trying to remember where to turn, will it tell me when I have to stop at a red light? I always have trouble.

    1. Alex, you make the assumption that the journey to/from home and work is always the same. For many people (e.g. sales, service) this changes daily.

      1. I am glad you responded, when I was 10 it was my job to be navigator on our yearly family vacation trip. I learned how to read a map, but more than that I learned how to get to point b from a with minimum information. I go into a town- Chicago, in a day I know the general layout and do not need a map- most cities follow a organized layout, except for London, and other very old cities. The point is we do not need to have a computer do our lives. Why not have a app that teaches a city and what it is made of ie when you are traveling as you mention, you learn and become aware of the city, it’s people, it’s society. Then your visit accomplishes more for yourself and the reason you are there. Are you capable of simple math without a calculator?

  2. Would really be a cinch to get this on Android as well. No special hardware required. Just context sensitive menus for long press. Hint hint hint.

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