Google Photos introduces non-destructive editing on Android

Yay! Previously, editing an image on Android would generate a new copy with edits baked in, whereas on iOS & Web edited images were written in place (recording edits as metadata while retaining the original pixels). Per the team post:

Sometimes it takes multiple edits to get a photo just right – or you change your mind and decide the original was perfect just the way it was.

With today’s update for Android, editing is now fully reversible and non-destructive. So you can save your edits or save a new copy of the photo – either way, the original photo will remain untouched.

This update (v1.17) is rolling out now in the Play Store.

One thought on “Google Photos introduces non-destructive editing on Android

  1. Just curious: Are Android & iOS versions of Google’s apps built from the same code base? I’d sorta expect features to show up on Android first, it being The Google Product and all.

    Semi-related: I whined about an error message from the Play Store last week on Twitter and was eventually connected to an actual human on a telephone call. This amazed me. Prior to this, I thought “Google answers tech support call” was an Onion headline.

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