Snapseed introduces text support

Perfect for adding watermarks & punching up images, the new Text filter debuts today in Snapseed 2.8 for iOS & Android:

The style options are endless with the ability to invert the text, change the opacity, or even use the Text filter in combination with the stack brush to create one-of-a-kind designs.

That is, after creating text, you can tap the little numeral icon at the top of the home screen in order to open up the layer stack, then tap the text filter, and then adjust its blending options and/or paint a mask.

Also included in the 2.8 update is the ability to configure Snapseed to resize photos when sharing or exporting, as well as various UI adjustments and bug fixes.

I think you’ll dig it. Let us know what you think!



3 thoughts on “Snapseed introduces text support

  1. Sweet. Looking forward to it!

    One thing lacking still on Snapseed are the range of pre-made filters à la Photoshop Express or Instagram. Frankly, the only one I use often is Drama, but that’s often over the top. Meanwhile what I often want to do is make for a richer forest shot with some tint, contrast and all that other good stuff. And a UI suggestion is to move the tool scrolling to below the photo, not over it, like Instagram and Photoshop Express. Access to tools is more convenient in PE.

  2. What I was wondering was there are times when I take a dark picture, I will see the image of a person in the picture. Could this image be from other people that have used the app or pictures of people that were used when making the app? Where are these images of people coming from

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’d like to ask if you are permitted to use one of its text designs to be used as a logo for a personal blog. Hope to hear from you soon! Please contact me via:
    Thanks a lot!

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