UX: BMW shows off their HoloActive Touch

Help me, Bavarian Motor Works, you’re my only hope…

TechCrunch writes,

HoloActive Touch appears to float in air, and also provides actual felt, tactile feedback in response to interactions.

As for the tech used to make the interface feel somewhat physical, even though you’re just poking around in mid-air, we’ve heard it might be sourced from Ultrahaptics, a company whose whole mission is to make it possible to feel things including “invisible buttons and dials” when you want them to be tangible, and then not when you don’t.



2 thoughts on “UX: BMW shows off their HoloActive Touch

  1. So you can’t use your phone in your car, but this (and the many many like it) are OK?
    Someone please explain why developers keep making things like this.

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