Amazing VR drawing work from Tilt Brush Artists in Residence

I see stuff like this & think, “It’s pretty clear I’m wasting my life.” How am I not working directly to help artists create next-gen radness? Check out what a diverse set of creators, from graffiti artists to New Yorker stalwart Roz Chast, can do in 3D space:

Google has been working closely with more than 60 artists to help them explore their style in virtual reality as part of the Tilt Brush Artist in Residence program (AiR). Coming from a wide range of disciplines, these graffiti artists, painters, illustrators, graphic designers, dancers, concept artists, creative technologists and cartoonists have all brought their passion and talent to create some amazing art with Tilt Brush.





2 thoughts on “Amazing VR drawing work from Tilt Brush Artists in Residence

  1. I would love to be in a conversation with the artists and the Tilt Brush developers. I have no doubt that Tilt Brush is super fun and exciting, but where is it really going? Most Tilt Brush creations seem to be a lot of swirly, glowing lines. What does it become after you pass the “novelty for the sake of novelty” phase? That might sound kind of critical, but I’m really not: I’m genuinely curious as to whether artists will continue to use it, and what they will create after using it for a long time. And then the other question: how will people view their art? Maybe we’ll all own VR helmets soon, but until then how is an artist meant to display their art?

    1. All great questions that I share! Honestly I’d be surprised if anyone *really* knows at this point. I often think of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez saying “Action before inspiration,” or Pixar founder Ed Catmull saying, “Let’s just do something so that we can change it.” I think that’s the spirit of these explorations.

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