New tools make books, movies from your journeys

Polar Steps is an app that promises to make interactive & printed travel journals by leveraging the data your phone captures. It looks very cool & I’ve turned it on, but sadly it seems unable to gather data from past trips.


Meanwhile Relive is a hosted service that can auto-generate movies like this from your Strava/Garmin data + photos:  



2 thoughts on “New tools make books, movies from your journeys

  1. Heads up! Re: Polar Steps.
    It seems you can use desktop browser to sign in and any trip you might have done in the past. Maybe not in the app version but sure can from the laptop/desktop browser

    1. Thanks for the tip. In the app I saw that I can create old trips, but the app doesn’t seem to auto-recognize coordinates from photos/videos & try to intuit trips (as Google Photos does), which is too bad.

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