Sony enables in-camera ND filters

Hmm, interesting—I honestly had no idea that Sony cameras could install apps, but in retrospect the idea seems blindingly obvious: Why not be able to modify your light-capturing computer like this? PetaPixel writes,

Actually, it’s more than a grad. When you open up the app, you get several options: Graduated ND, Reverse Graduated ND, Color Stripe, Blue Sky, Sunset, and two Custom options for setting up your own presets. The presets will capture preset exposure and white balance values, and if you pick Custom, you can adjust the location and feathering of each boundary, the effect above and below that boundary, and more!


2 thoughts on “Sony enables in-camera ND filters

  1. Curious if there is any more info on this post you can ad? Is this for cameras purchased in 2017 or is this for say the orginal Sony DVX100? Would love a bit more detail if you have it.

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