Flo rider: Intelligent, automatic video creation?

The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland… and perhaps in Flo, a new video-creation app that promises to use AI & voice commands to synthesize great movies from unwashed source material:

Just request a story by location, time period, tags or all of the above and Flo will respond to you like your very own video making assistant, creating the video story of your choice—e.g. ‘Make me a video story of my cat’ or ‘Make a video of my weekend trip to the beach’.

I’m off to try it out, but color me skeptical: My Emmy-winning colleague Bill Hensler, who used to head up video engineering at Adobe, said he’d been pitched similar tech since the early 90’s and always said, “Sure, just show me a system that can match a shot of a guy entering a room with another shot of the same thing from a different angle—then we’ll talk.” As far as I know, we’re still waiting.

No word yet on what happens if you invite Flo to kiss your grits. (Also, saying this makes me Very Old.)



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