PM’ing my way to El Segundo

Do you ever play the game of “Feature or Bug?” with your own characteristics? Being tall, for instance, could be a feature until you’re crammed into a tight airline seat.

For me it often comes down to wildly ambitious, encompassing visions. They’re exciting, they’re inspiring… and then I lose folks. Time & again I’ve found myself talking with a colleague, getting them excited about some idea or other—but then I go blasting off in my one-man rocket ship, watching through a lonely porthole as their smile & energy fade, then disappear under a plume of my conversational exhaust. As my old boss Kevin observed the other day, “It’s not leadership if no one follows.”

I still want to take people to the moon, but lately, to borrow a phrase from Chris Rock’s character Cheap Pete, I’m first trying just to take ‘em to El Segundo. It’s a little like this…


2 thoughts on “PM’ing my way to El Segundo

  1. Young Go-Getter: “So, in conclusion, for our product to take best advantage of [opportunity], we’ll need about $2 million, 3 more testers, and 18 months.”

    Pointy-Haired Boss: “We love the vision! Let’s see what you can do with no additional team or funding, in 4 months.”

    Young Go-Getter: “Squander the opportunity, and destroy all customer goodwill?”

    Pointy-Haired Boss: “Whoa, hey, sounds like SOMEone isn’t thinking LEAN. Maybe you’re not such a great fit, for this position…”

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