Photography: “Microsculptures,” incredible macro photography of insects

Levon Bliss combines thousands of captures to create each of his “microscuplture” portraits of insects. Check out this brief overview:

If that’s up your alley, check out his TED talk as well—not to mention this year’s winners of Nikon’s Small World photography contest. For those not interested in having terrifying nightmares, I’ll thoughtfully omit the giant close-up of a tapeworm head. 🙂

Photographer Levon Biss was looking for a new, extraordinary subject when one afternoon he and his young son popped a ground beetle under a microscope and discovered the wondrous world of insects. Applying his knowledge of photography to subjects just five millimeters long, Biss created a process for shooting insects in unbelievable microscopic detail. He shares the resulting portraits — each comprised of 8- to 10,000 individual shots — and a story about how inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.


[Vimeo] [Via Peyman Milanfar]

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