VFX: Inside The Shape of Water

I’ve yet to see Guillermo del Toro’s watery creation, and though this 5-minute peek into its making seems to include some spoilers, I have every intention of doing so. Enjoy:

CG supervisor Trey Harrell shared some of the team’s thinking with TechCrunch:

“We weren’t going for a hyperreal, CG creature,” he said. “We wanted it to be something that plausibly looked like foam latex and silicon prosthetics, a performance that could plausibly be shot on the day.” […]

That doesn’t mean Harrell is always in favor of practical, or practical-looking, effects: “You’re starting to see smaller, more personal projects take the best of both worlds. I personally don’t think it’s a binary argument. I’ve also got a background in practical prosthetics and makeup. I’m a fan of having a big toolbox.”



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