Photography: A Timelapse Tornado

Perhaps my earliest memory (circa age 4) is of watching a giant tornado bounce across the plains of southern Wisconsin, blazing through arcing power lines & bounding over a farmhouse as my mom debated whether to force me & my grandparents out of the car to shelter in a ditch. “It looks like a big ice cream cone!” I said.

Photographer Mike Olbinski succeeded in capturing a half-mile-wide cone of his own in this striking clip:



2 thoughts on “Photography: A Timelapse Tornado

  1. Gives me shivers. My grandparents lived in western Kansas, and I watched thunderstorms and twisters from their porches.

  2. John, your selection of items on your Blog is absolutely brilliant. It sure keeps followers up to date on the the latest in photo and video and is well appreciated . I have been following since 2006 .

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