Microsoft drops 800+ computers to the bottom of the ocean

…and not just for Teh Lulz. This effort is actually quite fascinating:

The Verge writes,

Today’s underwater data center will be deployed for five years, and includes 12 racks with 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of storage. That’s enough storage for around 5 million movies, and the data center is as powerful as thousands of high-end desktop PCs. The data center will be powered by an undersea cable and renewable energy from the Orkney Islands. The cable will also connect the servers back to the internet.



2 thoughts on “Microsoft drops 800+ computers to the bottom of the ocean

  1. Sorry, it might be a “great” idea, but I think it’s time to quit throwing stuff into the ocean, it’s struggling enough already.
    I’m sure there must be another way…

  2. So did it work? Who is using the data center? What is the theoretical advantage to dropping this thing in the ocean? The video failed to explain the logic behind the project.

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