How to pan the gimbal on a Mavic 2, and to zoom on the Pro

When I first bought a drone, I naively assumed that one could traverse the camera independent of body orientation. Now that’s possible, if not entirely discoverable: just swipe!



6 thoughts on “How to pan the gimbal on a Mavic 2, and to zoom on the Pro

    1. Indeed, but I’m sorry to say I feel I wasted the money I spent on them. I thought that using my head for panning would make things smooth, and perhaps it could, but I’ve yet to find that to be the case.

  1. I do not agree that the crop on the pro (4K HQ) is the same as been zoomed in with the Mavic zoom. A crop doesn’t change the perspective ( background closer to main subject) but just does a crop of the full image with the same perspective as the wide angle. So, no real zoom and not the equivalent of two primes. It is the same as digitally zoom versus optical zoom

    1. A zoom lens does not change perspective. You get the exact same effect by cropping a wider view as you do zooming. It’s an optical fact. The only way to change perspective is to move the camera.

      1. the parallax effect in a telephoto or zoom ” does “change perspective, it is not same acropping in.

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