All The Content-Aware Feels: CAF grows up

Photoshop’s venerable (oh God, how can it already be venerable?!) Content-Aware Phil is growing up nicely, as seen in this new sneak peek from my friend Meredith. I look forward to seeing whether the increased power/finesse more than offsets the apparent jump in complexity—as I expect it will.




One thought on “All The Content-Aware Feels: CAF grows up

  1. John, I have just rediscovered your blog, and I am so pleased to have done so. It was a daily visit when you still worked at Adobe, as you always managed to track down such interesting content, and I see that has not changed.

    It was seeing the latest Chizutodesign illustration that caused me to look for you, as you often posted interesting illustrations on your old blog. I feel certain that I will find his Adobe Periodic Table when I look back through your new blog entries, and possibly even his Tokyo Last Train graph. They are exactly the sort of content I used to enjoy finding when I visited your blog.

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