6 thoughts on ““A.I. Gigapixel” promises to hallucinate high res imagery

  1. I was wondering the same thing, I thought the best way to judge was to try both on the same image. I did manage to download the Gigapixel software and install it and saw a reference to a trial mode in the software but could not get it to work or enable the trial mode.

    Not keen on spending $99 on an unknown quantity with no proper access to the test images, perhaps the software makers lack the confidence to allow potential users to compare?

    1. I have just uninstalled/reinstalled AI Gigapixel and it now has given me 30 days to trial. Initial tests against Photoshop CC Preserve details V2 look very promising. (I was referring to “both” in my initial post when I should have been more specific and said Photoshop CC) would be good to compare these results to RAISR if a link could be provided.

    1. Yeah—I’m afraid that despite my efforts to the contrary, we haven’t (AFAIK) offered it as a direct end-user-facing tool, vs. just using it inside apps to save bandwidth. If that changes I’ll let you know!

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