Droning from a *van* down by the *river*

Just a quick bit of flying Thanksgiving weekend near Pismo Beach. A few thoughts:

  • Color grading in iMovie is for the birds, but somehow it’s no better in Adobe Rush (which lacks an Auto button (!), much less key framing), and learning Premiere Pro always seems like too big a hill to climb.
  • I likewise find it hard to cut on the beats—a problem compounded when I share the output to YouTube and Facebook (where, I swear to God, somehow the audio & video get differently out of sync).
  • I’ve gotta learn how to avoid (or later compensate for) the gross propeller shadows that appear in a few shots here.
  • No, the soundtrack doesn’t really fit (an assessment my 9-year-old Henry cheerfully volunteered 🙄), but, eh, I found the juxtaposition oddly fun. YMMV.

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