Inside Apple’s charming new “Bounce” commercial

I think you’ll enjoy this:

AdAge writes,

The team shot outdoor scenes in Kiev, Ukraine, before recreating the entire town on a set inside the country’s largest airplane hangar. The “ground,” however, was built six feet off the floor, to allow space for trampolines built into the sidewalks. […]

For a scene where he falls sideways beside a woman on a bench, two practical shots were merged into a single one. The actor bounces off a specially-crafted surface, and the camera was turned 90 degrees to film the woman, who was strapped into a bench built into a wall. The entire production was shot in just 12 days, a feat that required 200 artists and technicians.


One thought on “Inside Apple’s charming new “Bounce” commercial

  1. Extraordinary! I hadn’t seen that ad, so thanks for posting it…must have been a true labor of love to make it…along with all frustrations of being creative!

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