Luminar invents Google+ 2013

This “AI Structure” feature looks neat, but I take slight exception to the claim to being “the first-ever content-aware tool to improve details only where needed.” The Auto Enhance feature built into Google+ Photos circa 2013 used to do this kind of thing (treating skin one way, skies another, etc.) to half a billion photos per day.

Of course, as I learned right after joining the team, Google excels at doing incredibly hard stuff & making no one notice. I observed back then that we could switch the whole thing off & no one would notice or care—and that’s exactly what happened. Why? Because A) G+ didn’t show you before/after (so people would never know what difference it had made) and B) most people are to photography as I am to wine (“Is it total shite? No? Then good enough for me”). Here at least the tech is going to that tiny fraction of us who actually care—so good on ‘em.


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