Cool multicolor painting tools arrive in Adobe Fresco

I’ve always been part of that weird little slice of the Adobe user population that gets really hyped about offbeat painting tools—from stretching vectors along splines & spraying out fish in Illustrator (yes, they’re both in your copy right now; no, you’ve never used them), to painting with slick features that got pulled from Photoshop before release & somehow have never returned. I still wish we’d been able to shoehorn GPU-powered watercolor into Photoshop’s, er, venerable compositing engine, but so it goes. (A 15-year-old demo still lives at one of my best URLs ever, )

In any event, the Adobe Fresco team has just unveiled a raft of new features, including some trippy multicolor painting capabilities. Check it out:

One thought on “Cool multicolor painting tools arrive in Adobe Fresco

  1. …Photoshop’s, er, venerable compositing engine…

    FYI, the Photoshop compositing engine has been completely re-written from scratch and substantially modernized since your tenure there.

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