Check out Art Text 4

Looks like all kinds of good fun (and a steal at twenty bucks)—all the sort of thing I’d hoped we could enable via Photoshop’s 3D features:

Funny, just a couple of days ago I was reminded of the heartbreaking work of staggering genius I whipped up in Art Text in the wee hours of a morning three years ago:


One thought on “Check out Art Text 4

  1. I’ll never understand why Adobe hasn’t taken advantage of their 3D engine to create simple 1 button preset which does effects like this. It would be so incredibly simple to implement. Create a background layer, then a text layer, then apply a 3D preset which creates a scene, extrudes the text, adds a few lights, then does a quick render and returns a 3D smart object.
    In my FR’s, i always reference the TrapCode Shine plugin as a source of inspiration of what should be in Ps. I guess now i’ll also be including this app!

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