Camera Raw gets a facelift

To my slight chagrin—having been a naysayer about turning Camera Raw into a filter one can use in Photoshop, on the grounds that doing so would be a crutch at a time when Adobe should do the hard work of revamping a motley set of disparate, 30-year-old adjustment dialogs—I find myself hitting Shift-Cmd-A all the damn time. Thus I’m glad to see the UI freshened up & tools made easier to access:

As for getting the rest of the adjustments-house in order, I wasn’t wrong, but ACR-in-PS gives me fewer reasons to care. On we go!

One thought on “Camera Raw gets a facelift

  1. what, where or who is the wall at Adobe which is preventing all the ancient tools in Ps from being modernized? I just don’t understand the lack of innovation and creative leadership there. For being the world leader in image editing, they seem a little too content with ‘the way things are.’

    Happy to see the ACR facelift, but it’s still the same 20 year old crusty tools and workflow under the pretty new paintjob. Don’t even get me started on the ‘new’ hue widget. Good grief.

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