Disney unveils high-res face-swapping tech

“Your scientists were so preoccupied…” that, well, you know.

PetaPixel writes,

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first method capable of rendering photo-realistic and temporally coherent results at megapixel resolution,” the team of researchers at Disney Research Studios and ETH Zurich write in their new paper, titled “High-Resolution Neural Face Swapping for Visual Effects.”

The new method developed aims to “disentangle” the “static identity information” of a person’s face from the “dynamic behavioral information,” allowing any performance to be transferable between any two people.

2 thoughts on “Disney unveils high-res face-swapping tech

  1. Slightly off topic, but have you ever come across any software or app that has the “Face Movie” feature that Picasa (RIP) had?

    1. To my eternal chagrin, I was never able to get this into Google Photos, and I don’t know where it might exist in any comparable form. So it goes.

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