Google turns Android devices into a fleet of earthquake detectors

Days of miracles & wonder…

The Android Earthquake Alerts System turns your Android phone into a mini seismometer to detect earthquakes when they start. And starting in California, an integration of ShakeAlert in the Android OS enables phones to deliver earthquake alerts for added seconds to drop, cover and hold.

3 thoughts on “Google turns Android devices into a fleet of earthquake detectors

  1. An earthquake is one reason a phone might be shaking, but it’s not the only one. Use your imagination. And Google figures people won’t have a problem with their phones reporting on when and where they’re shaking?

    1. If someone has trained an ML model to differentiate earthquakes from… other stuff, I kinda don’t want to know about it (but kinda do!). —J.

      1. Easy to differentiate. Program should be looking for patterns of simultaneous shaking, perhaps with localized center. The rub is that even though you tell people their individual data isn’t retained and is used only as part of aggregated data analysis, are they prepared to believe it? Remember how upset people were about call information being harvested by the Government.

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