Wayback machine: When “AI” was “Adobe Illustrator”

Check out a fun historical find from Adobe evangelist Paul Trani:


The video below shipped on VHS with the very first version of Adobe Illustrator. Adobe CEO & Illustrator developer John Warnock demonstrated the new product in a single one-hour take. He was certainly qualified, being one of the four developers whose names were listed on the splash screen!

How lucky it was for the world that a brilliant graphics engineer (John) married a graphic designer (Marva Warnock) who could provide constant input as this groundbreaking app took shape. 

If you’re interested in more of the app’s rich history, check out The Adobe Illustrator Story:

One thought on “Wayback machine: When “AI” was “Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Thanks for the amazing and often funny videos about Adobe Illustrator. I like Warnock’s “tape” introducing Illustrator, harkening back to what we wore to work in the 1970’s (and not too fondly at that). The art people create with Illustrator is simply magic and I don’t understand the techniques they use. I’ve used Illustrator as a rank amateur so to see the beauty and creativity of the work of real artists is simply amazing. Thanks! See you—virtually—at Adobe Max.

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