“Diffused Reality” lecture this Thursday

Photographer Dan Marcolina has been pushing the limits of digital creation for many years, and on Feb. 9 at 11am Eastern time, he’s scheduled to present a lecture. You can register here & check out details below:


Dan will demonstrate how to use an AI workflow to create dynamic, personalized imagery using your own photos. Additional information on Augmented Reality and thoughts from Dan’s 35-year design career will also be presented.

What attendees will learn:

  • Tips from Dan’s book iPhone Obsessed, revealing how to best shoot and process photos on your cell for use in the AI re-imagination process  SEE THE BOOK
  • The AI photo re-creation workflow with tips and tricks to get started quickly, showing how a single source image can be crafted to create new meaning.
  • The post process of upscaling, clean-up, post manipulation and color correction to obtain a gallery ready image.
  • As a bonus he will show a little of how he did the augmented reality aspect of the show.

Anyone interested in image creation, photography, illustration, painting, storytelling, design or who is curious about AI/AR and the future of photography will gain valuable insights from the presentation.

One thought on ““Diffused Reality” lecture this Thursday

  1. The book is 12 years old! A lot has changed in that time so unsure how relevant to book is anymore. Probably needs an update

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