I got your megapixels, right here

Wow. Leaf has announced new digital camera backs, the larger of which generates images of 6726 by 5040 pixels (that’s 33,899,040 total pixels for those playing at home). Each frame from this beast tips the scales at around 200MB.
Having come from the world of Web design, I was amazed at the size of files that get tossed around in Photoshop. Web designers are still debating whether requiring a 1024×768 monitor is okay, and in the mobile space that resolution must sound incredibly luxurious. Meanwhile, Photoshop CS raised max document dimensions to 300,000 x 300,000 pixels and the max document size to somewhere between 4 and 8 exabytes (!).
It’s a pleasure and a challenge to develop an application that can work smoothly across a huge range of image sizes. This diversity makes it hard to choose defaults that address all uses, so you may want to tune Photoshop (Mac/Win) to your needs.

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