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Mac developer plasq has released an updated version of their slick, fun, and super easy Comic Life application. The tool makes it a cinch to create layouts, add text and photos, and publish results to the Web.
If Adobe apps tend to be grand organs, Comic Life is a flute. Now, I would never want to give up any of the range and flexibility of our tools, but it’s refreshing to see a light, elegant solution for a very specific task. This question keeps gnawing at me: As our tools grow ever more capable, do they have to keep getting more complex? If each app’s main environment needs to strive for letting you do anything at any time, are there areas where we could focus on specific tasks? Hmm–this deserves an entry of its own. In the meantime, if you have ideas, please let us know.

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  1. Well it’s hard to sell maintenance for software if you don’t keep adding “essential” new features which are so good the other kids in the playground will laugh at you if you don’t have it.
    The business model encourages bloatware. Then again Adobe Reader is free and that now takes 4 weeks to load all the plugins on a default install.
    The addition (and use) of Bridge is interesting. It’s like Adobe is building it’s own Design OS in a way, with Bridge the Town Hall.
    I love Comic Life but it’s never going to be something Adobe would develop. It’s much easier for someone else to develop it and then buy then out later 😉

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