See you at Macromedia MAX, PhotoPlus Expo?

On Sunday a number of us are headed to LA for the Macromedia MAX show, and on Wednesday I’ll be flying to NY to meet up with a large Adobe contingent at PhotoPlus Expo. If you’ll be attending either show and feel like saying hello, please do. At MAX I’ll be just a fly on the wall, soaking up info in various sessions. At PPE I’m slated to be at the Adobe booth each day roughly 10-1:30. Hope to see you there. (For reference, I look like this. And yes, this is what happens if you let a bunch of product managers screw around with nice camera equipment. It willget cheesy.)

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  1. I’m glad you’ll be there, John. I’ve been trying to find the best way to set up informal meetings there — the large Birds-of-a-feather sessions have reserved rooms from the product teams, but maybe there’s some type of more impromptu get-together possible for Macromedia conference attendees who are interested in Adobe and Photoshop talk…?

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