Get America 24/7 free with PSCS2

I just got a heads up on a little promotion from the Adobe Store: if you buy or upgrade Photoshop CS2 and enter coupon number 8m11ja05 just prior to checking out, you’ll get a copy of the beautiful America 24/7 coffee table book for free. From the publisher:

America 24/7 reunites the team that started the popular A Day in the Life series of photography books, Rick Smolan and David Elliot Cohen. More than 25,000 amateur and professional photographers snapped photos accross America during a one-week time period with digital cameras. From the million-plus photos submitted, 25,000 were chosen and compiled in this book. The result is an amazing array of subjects, but all shot with a consistency of tone.

This coupon will expire January 31, 2006, and is only valid in the US and Canada only.

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