Errol Morris, AE7->FLV, more in Motion Design Center, Adobe Proxy

  • Volume II, Issue 1 of Proxy, Adobe’s quarterly interactive PDF magazine, has been posted. [Via] This issue discusses typography in book publishing, Live Trace & Live Paint in Illustrator, Vanishing Point in Photoshop, moving a document from InDesign to the Web, and more. Here’s the direct link.
  • The Motion Design Center has been updated with a raft of new content. Here’s what got posted yesterday:

      • WeWorkForThem

        Michael Cina and Michael Young “ferret out” a host of critters to showcase their unique outlook.

      • Domani Studios

        Always pushing the envelope, Domani Studios’ 2100 pounds of creative muscle displays its playful side.
        Dialog Box

      • Errol Morris: Revealing Unexpected Realities
        By Megan Cunningham
        From The Fog of War to Apple’s “Switch” campaign, Errol Morris describes the unique connections between his dual career as an award-winning filmmaker and advertising iconoclast.
        Think Tank

      • Buildings as Interfaces
        By Peter Hall
        Architects and designers collaborate to create digital skins that allow buildings to blink, wink, and breathe. Step inside.
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