Let's talk integration at Flashforward

We’ve obviously got integration on the brain, so if you’re attending next week’s Flashforward conference in Seattle, we’d like to talk in person. There’s a session on Tuesday, 5:15-6:30, that Mike Downey (Flash PM), Phil Guindi (Illustrator), Steve Kilisky (After Effects), I, and other Adobe folks plan to attend. If you’ve got time and want to give us a piece of your mind on integration, please swing by.

0 thoughts on “Let's talk integration at Flashforward

  1. I’ve been using Fireworks for years and I love it.
    It’s an excellent tool for web graphics.
    :: I’d like to see a more sophisticated Pop-up memu
    Maker. (like what sothink has. http://www.sothink.com)
    :: Plus, more support for non-western languages
    such as: Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Hebrew…etc.

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