PUG Rock 07/11

The Photoshop User Group in San José is meeting at Adobe HQ (map) on Tuesday, July 11, featuring guest speaker Stephanie Lim, a photo illustrator at the San Jose Mercury News. Event organizer Dan Clark writes,

Fueled by high-octane pigtails and a steady diet of frozen yogurt, Stephanie Grace Lim is a photo illustrating designing machine. She has won hundreds of awards for her photography, illustrations and design. Among them, acclaim from Nikon, Society of News Design, National Press Photographers Association, California Press Photographers Association, Associated Press, National Headliner Awards, as well as winning Michigan College Photographer of the Year and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. In winter of 2007, Sherpas plan to scale the mountain of toys in Stephanie’s cubicle at the San Jose Mercury News.

We’ll have pizza and drinks at 6:30, and the meeting will start at 7:00 in the Park Conference Room. Now, excuse me while I get “PUG Life” tattooed on my abs. (You know I like the blackletter…)

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  1. is this PUG meeting open to all interested? Or do you have to be a member of PUG? And if so, how does one become a member? Thanks!
    [It’s open to anyone & everyone. Please RSVP to Dan Clark (dan at weinberg-clark dot com) beforehand. –J.]

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