Lightroom Podcast #9: Next-gen Web galleries & more

In the latest installment, George Jardine puts the thumbscrews to–er, talks nicely with–Lightroom engineers Kevin Tieskoetter and Andy Rahn about where things stand with Print, Web and Slideshow. George writes,

This podcast was recorded Wednesday, June 21st 2006, in the Shoreview Minnesota office of Adobe Systems. George, Kevin and Andy talk about some of the features of the Print Module. We also touch on what’s great, and what’s still missing there, color management in the various modules, Web output, slideshows, and a host of other topics in this casual conversation. For folks who want to dive into customizing Lightroom’s Web module templates, this conversation with Andy will be essential listening.

If you feel like geeking out about the Web gallery stuff in particular (XSLT, XHTML, etc.), jump ahead to the 25-minute mark or so. I’ve been talking to Andy, and we’re working to post the authoring details soon, so stay tuned.
The podcast is available via this RSS feed, by searching for “Lightroom” in iTunes, or as an MP3 file via George’s iDisk (under “0621 Podcast”).

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