Ten thousand bucks a gallon… for ink

"Give away the razor, make money on the razor blades…" I say, the razor guys need to convince you to ink your face/legs, ’cause the real money is in inkjet refills.

Popular Photography’s Michael McNamara has posted some interesting observations on the state of inkjet prices in the world market.  Note: I don’t mention this to suggest that these products are overpriced.  The rate of innovation in desktop printing has been terrific, and as Michael notes, these inks enable creation of prints that "technically blow away minilab and online quality, plus last five to ten times longer on display."  It’s simply interesting to do the math on commodities that are, drop for drop, among the most expensive any of us will likely encounter. [Via Russell Williams]

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  1. Yep, I recall reading in Pop Photo about yet another new & affordable desk sized ink-jet printer that outputs amazing prints but will cost ya $1000 to fill all its thirsty tanks. (Oil changes not included).
    Hope I don’t get one for Christmas. Otherwise I’ll have to go to work for John helping sort out all those CS3 update serial numbers.

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