On the personality of apps

Apropos of the "Macromedia will take Adobe clubbing" thing & the Lightroom team’s musings about the personality of applications, I was reminded of a little anecdote from a few years back (before the companies got together) that you might enjoy:

A research team asked a group of young designers to describe their software tools as if each one were at a party.  Photoshop, they said, was kind of like a gray-bearded professor, maybe an older guy in his 40’s (I know, I know)–really smart, really respected, but not someone you felt you could just start chatting up.  Illustrator was a beautiful, glamorous woman standing on the periphery–amazing, mysterious, and not so easy to approach.  And Flash, meanwhile, was the cocky young guy at the party–talking to all the girls, maybe getting a bunch of drinks thrown in his face, but going home with a handful of phone numbers.

–J. (stroking his metaphorical, not-so-gray beard, sitting among the Flash UI designers in the former Macromedia office as he types this, thinking this is the strangest life he’s ever known)

0 thoughts on “On the personality of apps

  1. Dare you go further?
    Acrobat is actually overseas in his villa in Tuscany at the moment, but graciously allowed the party to be hosted in his apartment…
    InDesign is wearing a $10,000 suit, has more bling than P-Diddy, and is asking people if they think it would have been a better idea to have taken the Porche or the Ferrari to the party…
    [Geez, kind of a switch from the early Oliver Twist-style days, eh? –J.]
    GoLive is moving around from conversation to conversation trying to fit in somehow.
    Dreamweaver is spinning tunes in the background…
    …and sadly, you walk over to the bar, and LiveMotion asks, what’ll it be son?
    [ 😉 –J.]

  2. I think of Flash more as the annoying kids you see sometimes who try to sell you candy on the New York City subway system for a higher price than it goes for in stores. 😉
    [ 😉 –J.]

  3. Flash is more really am annoying aging fellow that pretends he’s young. He has some good friends though but let’s hope he takes the advice and cleans up.

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