Motion bits: Gnarls & mo'

//na// Some great animation & motion graphics bits have crossed my path recently:

  • After blowing minds with their Crazy video last year, Gnarls Barkley now does the Zelig mockumentary thing in Smiley Faces.  (Dig Baron von Counterculture’s Groovy Purple Dirigible.) Brilliant, and painfully catchy.
  • Design shop Foreign Office shows off the in-movie ads & graphics they created for Children of Men (one of my favorite films last year).  State-sanctioned suicide never looked so good. [Via Marc Pawliger]
  • The beautiful HP "Hands" campaign continues with this lovliness featuring Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.  People ask me why I work on Photoshop, what I dream of for the future. This vision starts to hint at it. [Via]
  • Hand-focused, but on the other end of the tech spectrum, check out the amazing VW Phaeton "What the Hands Can Do" ad. [Via]
  • Similarly human-powered & great: the Human skateboard.
  • I could really go for more Kirin craziness in this job (being, as I am, disrespectful to dirt). [Via]   Oh, haven’t had enough yet?  Try Fruity Oaty Bars (see also behind the scenes on that one).  That should do the trick.

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