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//na//  I’m often inspired by other designers’ work, so I thought I’d pass along some recent Web design finds:

  • The Levi’s Copper site makes use of an interesting image & navigation structure, using one huge image as the background.  (Click Male or Female.)  Gotta love the ants. [Via]
  • With their ant-sized people, I love the section-intro cards at Baseline Selects.
  • Jonathan Yuen’s site gently and beautifully unfolds to reveal his work.  [Via]
  • Ferm Living is all about subtle touches–smooth transitions, shifting backgrounds, subtle vignetting. [Via Maria Brenny]
  • VIRB is kind of a MySpace, without all the visual suckage. It looks darn nice, even down to individual member pages (like this).

0 thoughts on “Solid recent Web sites

  1. Jonathan Yuen’s site won the 2007 SXSW Interactive award for best portfolio site too.
    [Cool–and well deserved. It’s not often that I go in for “mystery meat” navigation, but in this case I think it manages to be playful without becoming obtuse. –J.]

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