Update on building Lightroom HTML templates

Last July Lightroom developer Andy Rahn posted an intro on how to use XML and XSLT to build an HTML template for Lightroom.  If that’s up your alley, make sure to check out this brief list of changes.  I’m also looking forward Andy posting details about building your own Flash-based galleries for Lightroom (due soon).

0 thoughts on “Update on building Lightroom HTML templates

  1. Why not just go with an easy to use (and universal) PHP, like PixelPost or ZenPhoto? They support the photos plus can display embedded metadata.
    [I’m all for integrating with back-end systems, but anything that requires a photographer to install something on a server is far from most definitions of easy or universal. (I’m a pretty sophisticated user, and I don’t want to install and configure anything.) Anyway, nothing says the solutions have to be mutually exclusive. –J.]
    I was Mr. Flash Gallery in 2003-2005, but I’m now convinced php galleries are the way to go. Very flexible and open, easily stylable no matter what apps the photos get converted in.
    Is this xslt gallery an Adobe thing for Adobe products? If it actually makes sense to go through all of this maybe someone can explain it to me. I’m always interested in new, easier yet flexible ways to make ’em.
    [I’ll ask Andy to comment further. –J.]

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